Narendra Modi slams Rahul, mocks Sheila, but defends PM at Delhi rally

After Bhopal and Trichy, it was capital`s turn to chant Narendra Modi’s name as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate took centrestage on Sunday for Delhi’s Vikas Rally.

Updated: Sep 29, 2013, 20:32 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Himanshu Kapoor

New Delhi: After Bhopal and Trichy, it was capital`s turn to chant Narendra Modi’s name as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate took centrestage on Sunday for Delhi’s Vikas Rally. However BJP president Rajnath Singh, senior leaders LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj chose to stay away from Gujarat CM`s first rally in Delhi after his anointment as party’s face for 2014 polls.

Reaching out to the masses ahead of the 2014 General Elections, Modi reiterated that people of the country must oust the UPA government and rid the country of Congress` divisive rule. He took a dig at Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and said that she was the `happiest CM in India` because she has no work to do other than cutting ribbons.

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“Sheila Dikshit has no responsibility but to blame Delhi`s problems on Centre or someone else,” Modi said. Tearing into Sheila’s track record, Modi said CWG was not only about money loss but it also robbed us of our future and affected our sportsman spirit.

On the issue of security in the national capital, Modi said, “When an incident like the Delhi December 16 gang-rape occurs, all she can do is to advise women to return home early.”

Modi addressing the huge crowd wooed the naujavan (youth), another pet theme of his, and said that employment guarantee, a life of self-reliance and pride is essential for the youth. He pointed out that six crore youngsters received jobs when the NDA government was in power. The future of the youth depends on dislodging the UPA and Congress government, he exhorted the crowds.

Raising the issue of electricity deficit, He said that several power plants are lying defunct when in parts of the country there is no electricity even today. “20,000 MW power is not generated, because the Congress government lacks disha (direction) and drishti (vision),” Modi told the crowd.

Similarly, he compared India’s growth progress with China, saying that the UPA government has added only 3,000 kms of new railway lines during its regime while China has added 11,000 kms of the same.

In his frontal attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Modi accused him of marketing India’s poverty before America. He also raked up the Nawaz Sharif barb at the PM in New York saying that he is deeply hurt by “dehati aurat” comment by the Pak PM about Dr Singh. Modi questioned, “What stature does the Pakistani prime minister have to make such a comment?”

He said that Sharif got the courage to make such a statement as our PM has lost respect within his own party and even Rahul Gandhi calls his decisions ‘nonsense’. “Country doubts if PM will be able to effectively deal with Pakistan. PM should remember the widows of soldiers when he meets Sharif,” Modi said.

Taking a potshot at Rahul, Modi asked the Congress whether the government should work for the public or on the whims and fancies of a ‘yuvraj’ (prince).

Modi said that the country’s diamond jubilee is coming soon, and asked the crowd what kind of government and country would they like to see at that time? “The country now needs a dream team not a ‘dirty’ team,” Modi stressed.
Assuring that the BJP and Narendra Modi will never betray the people of the country, Modi called himself a humble ‘sevak’ (servant) and mentioned his humble background.
Modi signed off by asking the crowd to chant `Vande Mataram` as loud as possible so that PM Singh derives courage from it in New York.