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NRI Anmol Sarna had a `bad trip` after drug party, became violent: Police

A drug party that went "horribly wrong" resulted in the death of 21-year-old NRI Anmol Sarna as he became violent and showed "abnormal" behaviour on taking hallucinogen LSD and was beaten up by two guards at a South Delhi apartment on Friday night, police said.

New Delhi: A drug party that went "horribly wrong" resulted in the death of 21-year-old NRI Anmol Sarna as he became violent and showed "abnormal" behaviour on taking hallucinogen LSD and was beaten up by two guards at a South Delhi apartment on Friday night, police said on Tuesday.

Police, which arrested the two guards on murder charges, said the cause of Sarna`s death is "brain haemorrhage" and "shock" due to head injuries by blunt objects but virtually gave a clean chit on allegations of assault to his four friends at the party, against whom fingers were raised by Sarna`s parents.

Surender Bali (40) and Naresh Mishra (60), guards posted at the South Park Apartments, have been arrested under section 302 (murder) of Indian Penal Code for causing grievous head injuries to Sarna with batons they were carrying with themselves after Sarna creating ruckus at duplex house of his friend Pranil Shah at South Parks Apartments in Kalkaji.

Sarna`s four friends, Shivang, Madhav Bhandaru, Rhythm Girhotra and Pranil Shah, all in their 20s have been arrested under section 27 of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act for consumption of the contraband drug, said Deputy Commissioner of Police Dr P Karunakaran.

Even though the police have booked two guards for murder, the investigator said a panel of doctors from AIIMS will give a final report on Sarna`s injuries and depending on it, police may modify the charges in the charge sheet.

"We may drop the murder charge against the two guards. We are investigating the case. Let`s wait for the report by the panel of doctors," Karunakaran said.

On allegations of Sarna`s parents that the four of his friend`s were responsible for their son`s death, the official said investigators did not come across any evidence that they had hit him.

Police said about one hour after consuming the drug, allegedly Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Sarna suffered a "bad trip" and started behaving abnormally. He became violent and started creating ruckus.

Sarna not only broke a LCD TV in Shah`s house, where all the five had consumed drugs, but also had scuffle with friends. Soon all of them came out of the room and subsequently, all, except Shah, were turned out of the house by Shah`s parents.

Sarna sat outside the duplex house on the second floor and kept on shouting. A neighbour called the two guards, Bali and Mishra, to contain the ruckus.

When the guards approached them, Sarna started to run but was eventually taken down by the guards who beat him with their baton leading to injuries in his head, back and other parts of the body, police said, adding he slapped his friends and guards who tried to calm him down.

He said Sarna kept behaving abnormally and began running on the road below the flat. While running he banged himself on several cars and hit a closed iron gate.

Meanwhile, his three friends, Shivang, Bhandaru and
Girhotra left the premises together. Shah stayed back in his house.
It was Shah`s father who called the police control room around 12.20 AM on Saturday. Till that time, Sarna had bled profusely from his injuries.

The PCR shifted Sarna to AIIMS, where he died during treatment at 1.45 AM, the police official said.

Karunakaran said though the party had taken place on September 13, three of the friends including Sarna had bought "five doses" of drugs from Noida two days earlier after paying Rs 7,000.

Police have already interrogated two drug peddlers from Noida. The investigators said the chain of drug dealers is a "long one" and they are probing it as well.

It was one of Sarna`s friends Bhandari who knew the drug peddler from whom they bought the drugs, police claimed.

Karunakaran said urine and blood samples of Sarna and his four friends have been sent to forensic lab to determine the amount of LSD they had consumed.

Police said the friends claimed that all of them had consumed equal amount of drugs.

The friends also claimed that they were not frequent users though they they have taken it on previous occasions as well, police said, adding that the investigation was still on and they have not given clean chit to anyone in the case so far.

There was no evidence of alcohol consumption during the party, said police.

They said Shah`s father, mother and brother were present at home and were sleeping in adjacent rooms. Police said they had claimed that they were not aware of drugs being consumed by the five.

"We are looking into role of friends as well Shah`s parents in Sarna`s death. We will take into account all the omissions and negligences they may be liable for and action will be taken accordingly," said Karunakaran.

Sarna did his schooling in New York and returned to India some eight months back. He was residing at his grandparents` house in Greater Kailash in south Delhi. He was about to return to US next month.


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