PM Modi can get me killed; 'daman chakra' unleashed against AAP: Kejriwal

Kejirwal suggested that Prime Minister is rattled by the good work being done by the AAP-led Delhi government.

PM Modi can get me killed; 'daman chakra' unleashed against AAP: Kejriwal

New Delhi: Rattled by the allegations of impropriety against AAP leaders, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Wednesday, launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a 10-minute long video message to party workers and countrymen, Kejriwal accused the BJP and PM Modi of running a 'Daman Chakra' against the Aam Aadmi Party. 

“Our 10 MLAs have been arrested. The Income Tax department has raided one MLA. Efforts are on to disqualify 21 others over office of profit allegations. Our MP Bhagwant Mann has been suspended."

"It is like a Daman Chakra...CBI raids, enquiry against Manish Sisodia,” he said.

“People say I accuse Modi ji daily when Modi ji is not doing it. But I want to understand why Income Tax department, Delhi Police and CBI are after us – there has to be one mastermind. Modi Ji, PMO and Amit Shah are together (against us),” he said.

Kejriwal suggested that the Prime Minister is doing all this because he is rattled by the good work being done by the AAP-led Delhi government.

“Some people suggest that he is rattled because of the growing support for AAP in Punjab and Gujarat,” he added.

What worries me is that the 'Raja' of the country is taking decisions just because he is angry with us, he said.

“Is the country is in safe hands? If anger is going to the basis of taking decisions then it is a bad sign for the country. I am not able to sleep thinking over this,” Kejriwal said.

Praising the work done by his government in Delhi, Kejriwal said that people support AAP because the party is doing good work, while the central government has been a failure.

“The Prime Minister has failed on every front. Every section of the society is upset,” he said.

Addressing party workers and volunteers, Kejriwal said, “It is a very critical time. This daman can get uglier in the days to come. They can get us killed, they can go to any extent...Going to jail will be a small thing, if you are not ready for qurbani then stay (in the party), else leave.”