‘Rashly-driven vehicles like live bombs on roads’

Terming recklessly-driven vehicles on Delhi roads as "live bombs", a Delhi court has sentenced a mini-bus driver to six months in jail.

New Delhi Terming recklessly-driven vehicles
on Delhi roads as "live bombs" ready to explode anywhere and
anytime, a Delhi court has sentenced a mini-bus driver to six
months in jail for killing a cyclist by his rash and negligent

The court said rash and negligent driving, more
particularly of commercial vehicles, has become a menace
on Delhi roads and many precious and innocent lives are being
lost day in and day out.

"It appears that the vehicles are moving around on Delhi
roads like live bombs which may explode at any place, at any
point of time, endangering other road users," Additional
Sessions Judge Virender Bhat said while convicting the erring
bus driver Parvesh Kumar.

According to the prosecution, Haryana resident Kumar,
while driving his RTV rashly on September 9, 2006 morning at
Dwarka, had hit a cyclist who sustained grievous injuries and
later died in the hospital.

A police constable, who witnessed the incident, told the
court during the trial of the case that it was green signal
for cyclists at the traffic intersection and red signal for
other vehicles but Kumar jumped the traffic light and hit the
victim from the opposite direction.

Kumar approached the sessions court challenging the trial
court`s order which had sentenced him to six months in jail
and imposed a fine of Rs 2,500 on him.

Kumar had sought his release on probation pleading that
the accident was caused by some other car, which was ahead of
his RTV, but its driver fled the spot after the accident.

But rejecting his plea, the court said "traffic rules are
being flouted with impunity by such irresponsible drivers who
have turned Delhi roads into deadly spots. One way of curbing
this menace is not to show any sympathy to persons like Kumar
who drive their vehicle so rashly," ASJ Bhat said.

"In view of the same, I am not inclined to release him
on probation," the court added.