Repair potholed roads on a war footing: Delhi CM

The Chief Minister also emphasised upon the need for proper maintenance of streetscaping on the roads.

New Delhi: Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit
on Wednesday directed the PWD to repair the potholed roads on a war
footing besides asking it to enhance upkeep of street lights
and other street-furniture across the city.

Noting that government was committed to maintain certain
standards in road infrastructure, she told senior engineers of
the department to personally inspect condition of the roads
under their jurisdiction at least once in a week.

Chairing a meeting to review functioning of PWD, Dikshit
set a deadline of March for improving conditions of roads and
enhance upkeep of street-lights and street furniture.

The meeting was attended by PWD Minister Rajkumar
Chouhan, Chief Secretary P K Tripathi, PWD Principal Secretary
Nutan Guha Biswas, Environment Secretary Keshav Chandra and
several other top officials of PWD.

The Superintending Engineers concerned would be held
responsible for any laxity in maintenance work.

Officials said four per cent of the total cost of any
road infrastructure project is kept for proper upkeep and

Making it clear that government would not tolerate any
lack of seriousness in ensuring improvement in road condition,
Dikshit said road infrastructure in Delhi which aspires to
become a world class city must be of world class standard.

She also asked PWD to ensure that street lights under its
jurisdiction are hundred per cent functional.

The Chief Minister pointed out that often dirt and loose
soil gets accumulated between pavements and roads and directed
PWD to ensure that debris are removed regularly.

The meeting also decided to hire an agency to lift debris
along the roads.

While discussing condition of the roads, the felt that
the PWD should procure a few pot holes repairing machines.

The issue of frequent road cutting by different agencies
was also discussed following which it was decided to set up a
coordination panel consisting of officials of DJB, MCD, PWD
and Delhi Transco Ltd.

The Chief Minister also emphasised upon the need for
proper maintenance of streetscaping on the roads.