Sensitisation on women issues should begin from schools: Tirath

In the wake of Delhi gang-rape, Union Minister Krishna Tirath said education on proper behaviour towards women should be provided right from school.

New Delhi: In the wake of the Delhi gang-rape, Union Minister Krishna Tirath on Wednesday said education on proper behaviour towards women should be provided right from school to sensitise our male-dominated society.

"It is about changing attitudes of this male-dominated society...We should have a subject `social awareness` at the school curriculum which should deal with how respect should be accorded to sisters, daughters," Tirath told reporters here.

She said the Woman and Child Development Ministry was also formulating a scheme, `Saksham`, under which young boys in the 11-18 years age group would be given different kinds of training including behaviour towards women.

"Boys should be taught on respecting sister, girl, women mother...Related to women. Because it is in the age group 14 to 18 that many people form their attitudes and habits," she added.

The WCD minister said she would be writing to the chief ministers to include education and awareness related to women`s issues in school curriculum. She said she had raised the matter with the Human Resource Development Ministry also.

"There should be respect towards women in the minds of people. And regarding that I have called for a consultation on Friday evening," Tirath said.

She added that various aspects related to crimes against women would be examined by experts in the meeting.

"Now there is this cry that there should be death penalty for rapists. This is a view in the public which is alright. But it has to be discussed that such a step could lead to more murders as the culprits may want to eliminate the eyewitness which is the victim herself," Tirath said, adding that the issue would be examined in the meeting on Friday.

One of the aspect that would be discussed in the meeting would be whether it would be better if the burden of proof is shifted on the accused in crimes like rape, she said.


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