"Show courage" and act against Somnath Bharti, Ramdev tells Kejriwal

Yoga guru Ramdev urged Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to "show courage" and take action against Law Minister Somnath Bharti.

New Delhi: Yoga guru Ramdev on Friday urged Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to "show courage" and take action against Law Minister Somnath Bharti, who is under fire for his alleged role in the midnight raid episode in south Delhi in which a mob harassed and misbehaved with some African women.

"Kejriwalji should show some courage... He should take action against his Law Minister as not doing so will spoil his authenticity," Ramdev said.

"Whenever charges of corruption are raised against people belonging to other parties, Kejriwalji demands an immediate inquiry. But when it comes to his own people and ministers, he himself conducts an inquiry and gives them a clean chit," he added.

Bharti should resign from his post until the inquiry in the matter was over.

Attacking Kejriwal, Ramdev claimed that in January, 2010, when he had joined the campaign against corruption, he had in hand more than 300 papers which were said to be evidence against Sheila Dikshit, his predecessor in the Delhi Chief Minister`s post.
"But now he says he has lost all those proofs. I think this will hamper Aam Aadmi Party`s image." Ramdev said.

He said that AAP is facing ridicule over its recent activities and its graph had gone down.

"AAP was heading towards bringing in a major change in the political system, but... Their graph has gone down."
"They had worked really hard building this image, which now seems to have been destroyed by their own activities" Ramdev said, averring that it was a "major mistake on Kejriwal`s part".

Among the other prescriptions which he had to offer the Delhi CM, Ramdev included a recommendation for Kejriwal to practise `pranayam` in order to cure his cough and health.

Meanwhile, taking a dig at Congress, Ramdev said the party was "confused" and that was the reason why it was imitating Kejriwal on one hand and BJP on the other.

"They first follow Kejriwal`s agenda and then they follow (Narendra) Modi`s ways," he said, adding that Congress would become a "divided house after Lok Sabha polls".

Ramdev, who is a known supporter of BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Modi, however, today accused the party of speaking only the "half truth" with respect to the black money problem and faulted it for not sufficiently highlighting the issue in the country.

"When BJP speaks about black money, it only speaks the half truth. It always raises the issue of black money being stashed abroad, but they should speak out the full truth and raise the issue of black money inside the country. Then only will they do justice to the issue," Ramdev said.

Only 10 percent of the black money has gone abroad, the rest is still circulating in the Indian economy, he claimed.

He expressed hopes that BJP would raise this issue in a more prominent and proper way.

Saying that he had already spoken about the issue with top BJP leaders, including Modi, Ramdev announced that, "If they don`t support my proposal to replace all taxes with a single tax on banking transactions, I will take my next step."

He further stated that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had agreed with him on the issue when they had had a discussion on it four years back.

"I had met him four years ago and we had spoken over the issue and he totally agreed with me on the points. But then he became silent. It indicates that he is not able to do justice ... Perhaps he is helpless," he said.

Ramdev further announced that, from March 17 a seven-day Yog Mahotsav will begin at which, besides yoga, politics too would be discussed.