Teachers should consider equality and inclusiveness of educational system: PM

PM says empowerment of teachers must include opportunity for them to share policy perspectives.

New Delhi: Singh said as part of educational reforms, the country must emphasise on the empowerment of teachers that includes real opportunity for them to share policy perspectives and decision-making in pursuit of educational development and reforms.

"It is my belief that all teachers are creative and talented people. Teachers respond remarkably when they are respected and included in the decision-making integral to their work in the classroom," he said.
Teachers gain a sense of ownership over their work and their classrooms, when they were involved in the development of the curriculum, designing of the syllabus, making and selecting of teaching materials leading to their own intellectual and professional development, Singh said.

However, the Prime Minister said one critical area that
all teachers must reflect upon was equality and inclusiveness
of educational system.
"If efforts to increase student access, learning and
retention in elementary and secondary education are to succeed
and make headway, relevant and empowering teacher education is
of critical importance. This is particularly true of women
teachers who must serve as positive role models for our
society at large," he said.


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