Thieves decamp with ECM of DD official`s car

On the way back from India Gate, the victim found that the car was not starting and a taxi driver told them that the ECM of the car has been stolen.

New Delhi: An outing at India Gate proved costly for a Deputy Director of Doordarshan as a thief decamped with the engine control module (ECM) of her car leaving her family stranded at night.

The incident took place on Sunday night when Preeti Singh took her family and sister-in-law Dr Neelam Shukla to India Gate for an outing, a senior police official said.

When they were returning, the official said, they found that their car was not starting and later a taxi driver told them that the ECM of the car has been stolen.

"I have to admit that it was a shocking experience after joining recently on transfer from Ahmedabad. Thieves have become so bold that they are striking without fear," Singh said in her complaint.

The car was parked near the crossing on Mansingh Road and Ashoka Road.

"When we returned, we found that vehicle was not starting. We tried to push start it thinking the ignition was not working.
"Then we linked all the anomalies like the car`s door was broken and became aware that someone had entered the car and stolen something. We moved our vehicle near Curzon Road Hostel while pushing to start it.
"We all were exhausted and the kids started crying so we left our vehicle there only after a taxi driver told us that the car will not start as the ECM has been stolen," she said.