Tiwari paternity row: `BP Sharma not Rohit`s father`

BP Sharma is not the biological father of 31-yr-old Rohit whose DNA profile matched with his mother Ujjawala, the report of the laboratory, said.

New Delhi: A DNA report, placed before the
Delhi High Court on Wednesday, said that Rohit Sekhar, who claimed to
be veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari`s biological son, was
not fathered by the man whom his mother had married.

The report of the Hyderabad-based Centre for DNA,
Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) on DNA profiling of
Rohit, his mother Ujjawala Sharma and her husband B P Sharma
was placed in a sealed cover before Justice Reva Khetrapal and
was read over by a court staff in the packed courtroom.

B P Sharma is not the biological father of 31-year-old
Rohit whose DNA profile matched with his mother Ujjawala, the
report of the laboratory, which was asked by the court to
conduct tests on them including Tiwari, said.

The development may buttress the allegation of Rohit that
Sharma was not his biological father and it was Tiwari who
fathered him.

Tiwari, however, did not obey the court`s direction and
chose to contest the order to undergo the DNA test saying a
person cannot be compelled to give evidence against himself
that too in a civil case.

During the hearing, Justice Khetrapal today asked the
counsel for Tiwari to file his response to the contempt plea
of Rohit for "deliberate disobedience" of its earlier order
asking him to provide his blood sample for the DNA test to
decide the paternity suit.

The court then fixed the matter on March 30 for filing of
response by Tiwari.

However, Justice Gita Mittal, the predecessor judge, had
earlier said that Tiwari cannot be compelled to give his blood
sample and at best, the denial would be held against him at
the time of appreciation of evidence in the case.

Rohit had challenged the order before a two-judge bench
of the high court.

Earlier, the high court had asked the CDFD to conduct DNA
test on 86-year-old Tiwari to ascertain the plea of Rohit.

The octogenarian leader had failed to get reprieve from
the high court and the Supreme Court which said that the DNA
test be conducted and any delay may lead to loss of crucial
evidence forever.

However, the apex court had made clear that the findings
of the test would not be made public until and unless it was
required to decide the paternity suit against Tiwari.
Refusing to grant any relief, it had said considering the
age of the leader, it was necessary to have a DNA test so that
the young man claiming to be his son is not left without any
remedy if something happens to Tiwari.

Rohit, in his declaratory suit, claimed that he was born
out of Tiwari`s alleged relationship with his mother.

He had annexed various photographs and the DNA profiling
reports of himself, his mother and her legal husband B P
Sharma in support of his plea.

Justice S Ravindra Bhat, who was then presiding over the
court, however, did not rely on the DNA tests reports and
ordered a court-monitored tests on them including Tiwari.

Tiwari, a former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and
Uttarakhand, who had also held key ministerial portfolios at
the Centre, was forced to resign as Andhra Pradesh governor in
2009 amid allegations of sexual misconduct against him
following the airing of a sting operation in news channels
purportedly with some women.


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