`US diplomats in Delhi had tapped official in Special Cell`

American embassy officials in New Delhi had tapped an official in the Special Cell.

London: American embassy officials in New
Delhi had tapped an official in the Special Cell, Delhi
Police`s elite anti-terror unit, for gathering information
regarding investigations into terrorism related cases as they
received "very little information" from the force.

The Special Cell is "only as good as its local
contacts", according to a "secret/noforn (not for foreign)"
diplomatic cable sent from American embassy in New Delhi on
April 18, 2006 made public by WikiLeaks.

"The RSO (Regional Security Officer) often has greater
success by discreetly contacting a local officer in the
Special Cell in lieu of sending in an official request, many
of which are not acted upon," the cable posted in `The
Guardian` newspaper said.

The cable noted that the RSO sends the majority of
threat information investigative requests to Special Cell,
which is tasked with the investigation of terrorist activity
and major case investigations.

"As with all investigative efforts in India the office
is only as good as its local contacts," the cable said.

The cable complained that the RSO receives "very
little" follow-up information from Delhi Police after a
terrorist attack, such as the status of the police
investigations or efforts to apprehend suspects.

"The information RSO does receive is usually already
available in the media," the cable said.

As the sharing of "tactical" threat information with
Delhi Police was "woefully lacking", the cable said the RSO
and the Emergency Action Committee (EAC) have been pushing the
government to date unsuccessfully, to establish a liaison
position that would serve as a real-time clearing house for
threat information and coordinating responses to imminent