Water level in Yamuna remains above danger mark

Yamuna remained well above the danger mark and is set to go up further.

New Delhi: Yamuna on Monday remained well
above the danger mark and is set to go up further as Haryana
released over 2.5 lakh cusec of water even as government
announced plans to build walls on the river banks to protect
the low-lying areas from flooding.

The water level had come down to 205.39 metres in the
morning but again went up to 205.45 metres in the evening
which is 62 cm above the danger mark of 204.83 metres, said a
senior official of the flood control department.

He said the water level may go up tomorrow as Haryana
released 2.65 lakh cusecs of water which is likely to reach
the city by tomorrow evening.

The neighbouring state has already released over 11
lakh cusecs of water into Yamuna in the last five days
resulting in the rise in its level. The water level had
touched 206.78 metres on Saturday evening.

Though the water level has come down, nearly 4000
people from low lying areas are still staying in several
relief camps set up by Delhi Government.

Meanwhile, Flood Control Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan
said the government will build walls along the bank of the
river in Tipti colony and some other areas to protect them
from flood in future.

He hoped that people living in the relief camps will
be able to go back to their homes in four to five days time.

The rising river had flooded several localities of
east Delhi including Garhi Mandu, Usmanpur Pusta, Jagatpur
Village and Shastri Nagar but the situation improved
significantly today although water logging was reported from
several areas in East Delhi due to heavy rains.

Flood water had also entered areas like Yamuna Vihar,
Madanpur, Sonia Vihar, Nigambodh, Jaitpur, Tibet Market and
Yamuna Bazar.