Water war: Why taking Punjab's side may prove costly for Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi

Haryana's Agriculture Minister Om Prajash Dhankar has categorically stated “we will not be able to supply water to Delhi”.

Water war: Why taking Punjab's side may prove costly for Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi

New Delhi: Taking Punjab's side in its ongoing row with Haryana over the Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal issue may prove costly for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Taking a serious view of Kejriwal's stance, the Haryana government has threatened to stop supply of water to Delhi.

It may be noted that the national capital primarily depends on water supplied by Haryana to meet its daily needs.

Haryana's Agriculture Minister Om Prajash Dhankar has categorically stated “we will not be able to supply water to Delhi”.

“The Delhi Chief Minister has opposed the construction of SYL canal which was to be constructed so that Haryana could get water through Bhakra Nangal Dam,” Dhankar said.

“We supply water to Delhi through the western Yamuna canal for which we reduce water supply to our farmers,” the minister said, adding “we have told the Delhi CM to construct his own canal system to bring water from Nangal Dam and Tajewala to Delhi”.


Dhankar had yesterday said that Haryana was left with no other option after Kejriwal opposed the SYL Link canal project.

"Water is lying available in the Nangal Dam for Haryana and Delhi, but we don't have any resource to supply it and you (Kejriwal) opposed our only resource SYL canal in Punjab for your political gains. By doing this, you in fact stood against the interest of the people of Delhi," Dhankar said in a letter written to Kejriwal yesterday.

"Seeing your stand, Haryana will be unable to supply your share of water through its own canal as you have stood against the interests of the farmers and people of Haryana," he said.

According to the minister, Haryana provides 0.2 million acre-feet water to Delhi by its main line canal which reaches Delhi through the Narwana branch of the West Yamuna canal system.


"Due to this load, Haryana could not get 496 cusecs water of its share. Other than this, Haryana also supplies 330 cusec water from the Yamuna canal to Delhi," Dhankar said.

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