Your childhood games to come up with `Metro` outlook

Now, playing `Snakes & Ladder` and `Ludo` can be both informative and fun to children.

Updated: Mar 24, 2011, 20:49 PM IST

New Delhi: Now, playing `Snakes & Ladder`
and `Ludo` can be both informative and fun to children.

The two good-old games have now been reintroduced by
the Delhi Metro with Do`s and Dont`s printed on them, in its
stations, premises and trains. The aim is to educate children
metro-commuters in the age group 5-12 years on the safety and
cleanliness aspect.

The new `Snakes & Ladder` and `Ludo` games will now be
available at the Metro Museum at Patel Chowk station for sale
from tomorrow.

The games, printed on a glossy sheet and the Do`s and
Dont`s engrossed in simple fonts, promise enjoyment and
education for children. Metro is also introducing special
bookmarks to cater to them.

The aim is to make the commuter understand their
duties as a metro commuter while playing this game with their
friends and family members. The game also has a route map of
Delhi Metro.

The `LUDO` has a list of general instructions for
Metro travel especially designed for young commuters. "These
instructions have been designed in simple language and with
special emphasis on inculcating etiquettes and good
mannerism," Delhi Metro spokesman Anuj Dayal said.

The book marks have messages related to women
commuters, Smart Cards, Dos and Don`ts and information of
Delhi Metro lines. One set of Book Marks will have four
different book marks on topics related to Delhi Metro.

Snakes & Ladder with one dice box, LUDO with one dice
box and a set of 4 bookmarks will be available for Rs 10 each.