Youth arrested for murdering cousins for property

Unhappy over the way ancestral property was divided, a 22-year-old businessman allegedly shot dead his two cousins in central Delhi.

New Delhi: Unhappy over the way ancestral
property was divided, a 22-year-old businessman allegedly shot
dead his two cousins in central Delhi but landed in police net
on Tuesday after his father spilled the beans.

Vishal (19) and his elder sister Shivani (23) were shot
dead last night at their residence in central Delhi`s Ranjit
Nagar and their cousin Gaurav alias Ginny was placed under
arrest today following interrogation.
Suspicion fell on Gaurav as he was unavailable over phone
after the murders came to light at around 8:55 PM yesterday
and his father Sudhir Kumar told investigators that his son
was sulking over the way the ancestral property was divided
among him and his brother Ajay Arora, the victims` father.

Gaurav runs a car accessories shop at Arya Smaj Road in
Karol Bagh while the victims` family runs a hotel near PUSA

"During investigations we found that the entry into the
house was friendly. This meant that someone known to them was
behind the murders," a senior police official said.

The murders came to light after the victims` father Ajay
Arora informed the police. They were declared brought dead at
BL Kapoor hospital.

"Specific task was given to each team by taking into
consideration various aspects of past life, social status,
inspection of scene of crime, activities, interview of
relatives of the victim and neighbours and relations of the
deceased and manner of crime," the official said.

During investigations, it came to light that Arora was
living in his ancestral property and his elder brother Sudhir
Kumar was staying on the second floor of the same house.
Sudhir Kumar along with his family had gone to Himachal
Pradesh on a religious trip but his younger son Gaurav had
stayed back in Delhi.
The official said Arora and his wife were also not
present at their house at the time of offence and efforts were
made to contact Gaurav to find out if he had any information
with regard to the offence.

"Efforts were made to contact Gaurav on his mobile phone.
However, it was found switched off. In the meantime, Sudhir
Kumar returned to Delhi who told police that his son was not
satisfied with the division of parental property between him
and his brother.

"Sudhir Kumar told us that Gaurav used to sulk about
this. This information and conduct of Gaurav raised suspicion.
Soon, he was tracked and detained and put to sustained
interrogation," the official said.

During his interrogation, the official said, Gaurav told
police that he was "highly dissatisfied" with the property
division between his father and uncle and wanted to take
revenge from his uncle as he had got a larger share.

He had allegedly purchased a country made pistol. "On the
fateful day, he entered the house of his uncle and one after
other, shot dead his cousins Vishal and Shivani. He also took
away some jewellery from the house and ransacked it to give an
impression that it was a robbery-cum-murder," the official

Gaurav had used a towel to muzzle the sound of pistol,
which has also been recovered.