23 new plant species found in China

Twenty-three unique plant species have been found in a Chinese nature reserve.

Beijing: Twenty-three unique plant species which are new members to the plant kingdom have been found over the past five years in a Chinese nature reserve, an indication of the expansion of the "gene pool".
"We are pretty much sure that the new species, which have not been discovered elsewhere in the world, are new members of the plant kingdom," Yang Jingyuan, head of the the mysterious Shennongjia Nature Reserve`s research institute in central China`s Hubei Province said today.

The English or Latin names of the new plant species were not available yet, Yang said. Before the latest discoveries, the 705-sq km reserve was already home to more than 100 plant species not found anywhere else on earth, according to the centre.

With abundant rain and water resources and a mid-latitude location, Shennongjia is home to more than 3,700 species of plants and at least 1,060 kinds of animals.

At least 39 plant species and 70 animal species,including golden monkeys, are under state protection.

The new discoveries showed the "gene pool" of plants and animals was still expanding, said Yang.

Researchers had identified 143 previously undocumented plant species in Shennongjia since 2006, excluding the 23 new varieties that are unique to the area, he added. Scientists had also discovered 16 kinds of snakes and 270 kinds of insects that were new to Hubei Province.

Lying between the transitional zone of south-west mountains and low hills of central China, the reserve is in the transitional zone between the sub-tropical and temperate climates.

About 96 per cent of the reserve is covered by primeval forest, including hundreds of square kilometres that is not explored by humans.

The region is criss-crossed with mountains and rivers and has 31 peaks with altitudes more than 2,500 meters above the sea level.