70% of water bodies in Delhi unfit for aquatic life: DPCC

Most of the water bodies in Delhi seem to be gasping for life if one goes by official data.

Updated: Sep 20, 2009, 13:45 PM IST

New Delhi: Most of the water bodies in the
national capital seem to be gasping for life if one goes by an
official data, which claims that around 70 per cent of the
96 ponds surveyed are unfit for aquatic life.

A recent study undertaken in these ponds by the Delhi
Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) across the city showed that
42 ponds were dried up. Another 24 were choked with sewage,
making them unfit for survival of aquatic life such as fish
and other species.

Only 30 water bodies were found to be ecologically
healthy, according to the survey.

"A list of total 184 water bodies was provided by
Irrigation and Flood Control Department to us to ascertain the
water quality and oxygen level which is vital for the aquatic
species," a senior DPCC official said.

He said the survey of other water bodies was in the

As per the sample survey of 96 ponds, inflow of sewage
along with heaps of garbage had made life unfit for aquatic
species in the water bodies located at Burari, Tikri Khurd,
Midangarhi, Aya Nagar, Rajkori, Rangpuri, Bajitpur,
Dariyapur, Dichaon Kalan, Chhawla, Khera Kalan, Bijwasan,
Babarpur, Pooth Khurd and some others.

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