Climate change to cause malnourishment in children

25mn more children will be malnourished in 2050 due to effects of climate change.

Mumbai: Twenty five million more children
will be malnourished in 2050 due to effects of climate change
and India will be one of the worst affected in the Asian
countries, a report by the International Food Policy Research
Institute (IFPRI) said today.

However, our study finds that this scenario of lower
yields, higher prices, and increased child malnutrition can be
averted with USD seven billion additional annual investments
in rural development especially in developing countries, the
report said.

Seven billion U.S. dollars per year of additional
investments in agricultural productivity is to help farmers to
adapt to the effects of climate change. Investments are needed
in agricultural research, improved irrigation, and rural roads
to increase market access for poor farmers, Gerald Nelson,
IFPRI senior research fellow and a lead author told media in
a teleconference last night from Washington..

Developing countries will be hit hardest by climate
change and will face bigger declines in crop yields and
production than industrialised countries.

The negative effects of climate change are especially
pronounced in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Compared to
the average biophysical effects of climate change on yields in
the industrialised world, the developing countries fare worse
for almost all crops, he said.

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