MP wants to translocate antelopes to Palpur Kuno

Cheetah is proposed to be re-introduced in India`s Palpur Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bhopal: With a huge rise in endangered blackbuck population in Madhya Pradesh, the state forest department wants to translocate 1000 Indian antelopes to Palpur Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, where its chief predator Cheetah is proposed to be re-introduced in India.

"We have sent a proposal to the Centre seeking permission and funds to translocate 1000 blackbucks in Palpur Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary spread over an area of 300 sq km in Sheopur district where the Cheetahs are going to be re-introduced in India," Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister Sartaj Singh told a news agency.

Blackbuck population has witnessed a tremendous increase and now these animals with twisted horns were entering fields. Farmers are complaining that their crops were being damaged by the Indian antelopes, he said.

"We have blackbuck in the entire state and we want 1000 of these to be translocated in Palpur Kuno," he said, adding the work of shifting blackbucks and Cheetah can go simultaneously.

Singh said Cheetah were very fond of preying on these mammals.

He said the first pack of Cheetah from South Africa will reach Palpur Kuno in the next winter.

Singh said Cheetahs were being brought from South Africa and Zimbabwe to three places in the country, including two in Madhya Pradesh`s Palpur and Naurodehi Wildlife Sanctuary in Sagar district.

The minister said Palpur Kuno was a very fit place for Cheetah as it doesn`t have dense forest adding that this fastest mammal on earth can easily run in this place.

The Cheetah is largely believed to become extinct from India after the last one died in Surguja district, now in Chhattisgarh, in 1947.


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