Peru puts kangaroo meat on the menu

Peru`s govt has approved the import of kangaroo meat from Australia.

Updated: Jun 08, 2010, 09:40 AM IST

Lima: Peru`s government has approved the import of kangaroo meat from Australia, officials have announced.

A notice published in a registry of new government rules and laws gave notice that the federal health officials have "authorized the import of meat from kangaroos born and raised in Australia."

Only kangaroo meat raised for the express purpose of being used for human consumption will be allowed for import.
Excluded are kangaroos killed as part of an eradication program or which died as a result of disease. Also off limits are animals coming from quarantined areas of Australia.

Kangaroo is a red meat very similar in appearance to tenderloin that might come from ox. It is seen as a low-fat alternative to beef.

Despite being Australia`s national symbol, millions of kangaroos are slaughtered in the wild each year to control their numbers and much of that meat is used for pet food.
The idea of farming them for human consumption is controversial, but many health-conscious Australians already eat kangaroo meat.

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