Polar bear, arctic fox in endangered list

Arctic foxes, polar bears and musk oxen are now in the list of endangered species.

London: Arctic foxes, polar bears and musk oxen are now in the list of endangered species, a US-based eco-system watchdog has said.

Polar bears are not the only species in danger from global warming. The US Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) has claimed that 17 Arctic animals are at risk from the melting ice in the region, according to The Telegraph.

Sea ice in the Arctic has reduced to its lowest level since 2007 and scientists predict the area could be largely ice free in summer within 10 years.

Shaye Wolf, the lead author of the report, said Arctic foxes, whales, musk oxen, walruses and four species of seals are all in danger - as well as polar bears.

"The polar bear is the best-known victim of rapid melting in the Arctic, but if we don`t slash greenhouse pollution, many more creatures will follow it down the path to extinction," she said.

"Some Arctic species have already experienced widespread die-offs and population declines after losing key habitats and food sources; others face extreme weather events or suffer new pressure from predators and pathogens moving northward."

The CBD also fears that these animals could be in danger if drilling for oil goes ahead in the area.

According to an estimate, eight of the world`s 19 polar bear population are declining as they struggle to raise young and hunt for food on shrinking ice sheets.