Pune exotic birds and fish expo attracts visitors

A five-day-long expo on rare birds and fish is attracting thousands of visitors.

Pune: A five-day-long expo on rare birds and fish is attracting thousands of visitors here.

Exhibition organisers said the expo would provide detailed information about the rare birds and fish.

"The exotic birds displayed here include the rare species which people get to see only on television. People will get detailed information about each bird including its origin and scientific name. I am very happy to say that Pune has started the breeding of these migratory birds. The birds displayed here are from the collection of the trustee of our organisation," said one of the organisers, Vinayak Raskar.

On display are Macaws, Cockatoos, Parakeets, Cockatiels and Conures.

Fantail Pigeons, Lovebirds, Pheasants and other exotic birds are also available at the venue.

Exotic water creatures like the Jelly Fish, Arowana, Asian Arowana, Alligator Gar, Black Ghost, Sting Ray, African Cichids, Doctor fish, Clown, Damsel, Angels, Shrimps, Invertebrates, Lionfish and the Stingray are also available.

"I``m very pleased to see this exhibition. We have brought our children to the exhibition. These are exotic birds which we never get to see, also we liked the fishes on display," said Savita Rajadnya, a visitor.

The expo ends on May 1.


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