Region`s 1st carbon neutral vehicle unveiled in Dubai

UAE-based facilities management company unveiled region`s first carbon neutral commercial vehicle.

Dubai: A UAE-based facilities management company has unveiled the region`s first carbon neutral commercial vehicle in its efforts to reduce carbon footprint.

Farnek Avireal unveiled the vehicle in a partnership agreement with international carbon offset foundation Myclimate. This is part of the company`s commitment to reduce
its environmental impact.

"This carbon neutral initiative with myclimate is a regional first for both parties. Hopefully we have now set the trend for other commercial organisations throughout the
region, to try and reduce their carbon footprint whether that`s joining a global carbon offset programme or examining ways in which they can cut the carbon emissions of the
buildings they operate from," Markus Oberlin, General Manager of Farnek Avireal Middle East said.

Myclimate, a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland, provides consultancy, advisory and carbon management services to help companies reduce their environmental impact by offsetting carbon emissions and reducing or, where possible, replacing their use of fossil fuels.

The agreement involves Farnek Avireal paying an annual sum of USD 1400 to Myclimate, which calculates the cost of repairing the environmental damage caused by the vehicle.

The money is then used to fund carbon offset projects around the globe.
Myclimate`s projects are considered effective due to their focus on substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy sources and utilising energy efficiency measures.