Use clean energy, says Obama

Use clean energy, says Obama

Use clean energy, says Obama

Manila: US President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on world leaders and the private sectors to address the issue of climate change and encourage more investors to get into clean energy.

Obama made the call in a speech at the APEC CEO Summit 2015 at the Philippine International Convention Centre in Metro Manila, reports Xinhua news agency.

"No nation is immune to the consequences of a changing climate," he said.

"The old rules that said we can't grow our economies and protect our environment at the same time, those are outdated. We can transition to clean energy without squeezing businesses and consumers," he said.

He said there would be always challenges and opportunities, and the use of solar power and renewable energy was not only cheaper than those of conventional power but could also generate new jobs.

After delivering the speech, Obama led a forum during the APEC CEO Summit on Wednesday.

Obama addressed questions to Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, a giant e-commerce firm, and Aisa Mijenio Mijeno, an engineer who founded SALT Philippines.

Jack Ma said "we have to raise public awareness of the climate change" that affect people's life. "We have to take action and join together."

Mijeno, seawater lamp technology inventor, said: "Climate change is like cancer. Right now, we are in stage two, you will feel the symptoms. You don't want to let it to reach the stage four when it is already too late."

Mijeno said her lamp uses saline solution or seawater to power up an LED, and can even charge mobile phones with a USB portal.

Obama, who was listening intently, said: "That's great!" He said there was a role for governments to provide tax incentives to small businesses. 

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