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Wolf-like dinosaur fed on small flying dinos: Study

Last Updated: Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 18:56

Toronto: Researchers have discovered that a flightless wolf-like dinosaur was able to catch and prey on small flying dinosaurs.
Researchers from the University of Alberta found fossilised remains of three flying dinosaurs in the belly of a raptor-like predator called Sinocalliopteryx.

Sinocalliopteryx was about two metres in length and roughly the size of a modern-day wolf.

Sinocalliopteryx`s meals were three flying Confuciusornis. Confuciusornis was one of the earliest birds and had a crude version of a modern bird`s skeleton and muscles.

Researchers said such primitive birds were probably limited to slow take-offs and short flights.

"Sinocalliopteryx didn`t have wings or the physical tools needed to be an adept tree climber," co-author Scott Persons, said.

"The fact that this Sinocalliopteryx had, not one, but three undigested birds in its stomach indicate it was a voracious eater and a very active hunter," Persons said.

The fossil skeleton was found in China`s Liaoning region along with a second Sinocalliopteryx.

The second dinosaur had eaten a Sinornithosaurus, a small feathered meat-eater about the size of a house cat that may have been able to fly or glide short distances.


First Published: Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 18:56

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