10-year-old Pune girl lauded at brainiacs' meet

10-year-old Pune writer Ishita Katyal, who debuted as the opening speaker at the TED2016 (Technology, Entertainment,Design), captivated many at the brainiacs' meet.

As per a Times of India report, Katyal in her address said 'Put children first; give kids a chance' which earned her applause from the audience.

"Instead of asking children what they want to do when they grow up, you should ask them what they want to be right now," she told a packed audience.

"We can do a lot in this moment, in the present. The problem is our world has many forces working against the dreams of children. Adults chronically underestimate kids, and in the process they pass on fear to children who are born without fear,” TOI quoted her as saying.

"My dream for the future is that people think 10 times before raising school fees, ahundred times before going to war with another country, a thousand times before wasting food and water, and ten thousand times before letting their child's childhood go away," she further added.

As soon as she finished her address, scientists, scholars, poets, philosophers, musicians and others who were present there lauded her.