AIPMT: Points to remember

Students need to thoroughly revise NCERT.

Updated: Nov 19, 2013, 12:37 PM IST

1. Students need to thoroughly revise NCERT. All study material should be read completely and equal emphasis should be given to all the diagrams in NCERT as questions asked may also be diagram based.

2. All topics are important and should be prepared thoroughly even if there have been more questions from the human physiology, biomolecules, biotechnology as per the questions asked in past years exams.

3. Animalia topic needs to be prepared carefully as it can be too exhaustive. The main emphasis must be on the characters of Phylum in Non Chordates and up to classes level in Chordates. All examples given in the NCERT along with the common name (wherever given) should also be learnt.

4. Candidates should make a demarcation of understanding and information based topics. Information based topics like animalia, morphology of animals should be covered in the last phase of preparation to retain it well.

5. After completion of any topic, practice objective questions on regular basis to be aware of retention of the topic. All those questions which could not be solved should be searched for in the NCERT and other books. For any confusion, consult your faculty or teacher.

6. Questions asked in the previous years question papers should be solved to have an idea about the level of difficulty in the final exam.

7. Students must develop a habit of reading the question clearly and thoroughly. Read it as many times as required, as incomplete reading and misunderstood questions can lead to wrong answers.

8. Don`t assume anything, but read the statement carefully. Take special care during reading that whether you have to choose the correct or incorrect statement.