Career in brand solutions and programming

Daya Gupta tells us about how he got into this line and gives advice to those who want to enter into the field of production.

Daya Gupta, who is heading production, commercials and brand solutions for Food Food Channel, tells us about how he got into this line and gives advice to those who want to enter into the field of production.

Tell us something about yourself...

I am a Mass Communication (Broadcast TV Production) graduate from St Xavier’s Kolkata. At that point of time, it was the first college to give you an undergraduate degree in this field.

I started off as an intern with MTV Mumbai, and there after continued working with various TV Channels; production houses and radio too. Currently I am with Food Food Channel, heading Production, commercials and brand solutions.

My work life kept shifting from one company and department to another. This has turned out welI for me and I am happy as I`ve been able to gather ample transferable skills/experience/expertise which in turn has helped me manage multiple departments.

Why did you take up a career in TV/broadcast?

Regarding this there is an interesting turn of events. I had my admission done for Engineering in Bangalore. And I had gone to collect a form for a friend for admission to St Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

There I picked up a form for Mass Communication and Broadcast TV for Rs 20 for him. I also ended up picking up a form for myself.

After that, one thing led to another, and got through the written exam and began my graduation in Mass Communication.

Learning never goes waste. It does help in varying degrees like you are aware of many basic terms used during work and more importantly you know how you can educate yourself more in the line of work that you finally choose.

What kind of qualities are required to be successful in production?

It`s difficult to generalise but broadly:

a) Complete hands on Production

b) Planning and being able to anticipate situations

c) Being a problem solver and being pro-active

d) Patience and a positive attitude

What advice would you give to those who want to follow this career?

Be clear about the medium you want to get into viz Films, TV or Radio and then be ready to go through the daily grind. Once you know you have a great mentor/organisation. Get your hands dirty and do as much work as you can as a part of your extended learning. / Kabir Singh Bhandari

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