CAT Answers: Explanations for Week 7 Questions

CAT Answers: Explanations for Week 7 Questions

1. c ‘Caret’ refers to the proof-reading marks placed below a line of text to indicate a proposed insertion or correction. ‘Carat’ refers to a measure of fineness in gold.

‘Perspicacious’ means having penetrating mental discernment. In this context it would mean shrewd. ‘Perspicuous’ means something that is plain to the understanding especially because of clarity of expression and presentation.

In this context ‘delusion’, means a false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness would fit. ‘Decry’ means to condemn or depreciate by proclamation. It fits the context. ‘Descry’ means to catch sight of or to discover.

‘Epitaph’ means a commemorative inscription on a tomb. ‘Epithet’ means a term used to characterize a person or thing. It fits in here.

2. a ‘Tenebrous’ means dark or gloomy or obscure and ‘reality’ refers to a fact or state of being. The other options fall out of context.

3. c The central theme of the paragraph revolves around the initiative taken by a British school teacher to abandon the word “failure” from being used in classrooms as it creates negative vibes among the innocent minds of school children.

Therefore, the starting link should be a sentence which introduces the new step taken by the British teacher. Hence, the first sentence starting the paragraph should be sentence E.

Obviously the next sentence following it should be a sentence which describes the teacher’s name and the details of the initiative or motion taken by her. So the sentence following E should be sentence B. Hence there is an evident EB link.

Sentence C should definitely follow sentence B because of the use of the word “motion” in C which refers to the initiative taken by Beattie in sentence B. Similarly there is also a direct link between sentences C and D which is clear by the usage of the word “agreement” in sentence D.

Finally the conclusion that failure lowers the confidence and self-esteem of school children is stated in sentence A. Hence, the correct answer has to be option (c).

4. b N = 26 × 34 × 52; has 105 factors in total.

Let the factors of N be f1,f2,......, f105 be arranged in ascending order.

N = f1 × f105 = f2 × f104 = .... = f53 × f53

? Product of the factors of N:

P = (f1 × f2 × f3 .....f53 × f105) = (26 × 34 × 52)(52 + 1/2)

P = (26 × 34 × 52)105/2 = 2315 × 3210 × 5105 - product of the factors of N, which are not multiples of 5 = (26 × 34)35/2 = 2105 × 370

So, total product of the factors of N which are multiples of 5.
= 2 315 × 3210 × 5105
--------------------------- = 2 210 × 3 140 × 5105
2105 × 370

5. a 2 % of X = Rs. 9 crore ? X = Rs. 450 crore

6. a The guy starts off with Raj Kapoor and returns back after 20 days. He transfers 20 days of stock to Raj Kapoor before he returns.