CAT explanations - Week 4, September 13

CAT explanations - Week 4, September 13

1. b Option (a) cannot be inferred as the metaphysicians do not reject the transitory world. Option (c) does not highlight the flaw in the method of reasoning provided by the metaphysicians. Option (d) requires more discussion and substantiation. The flaw is the belief that things of the highest value originate only from the intransitory being and the metaphysicians work to discover the truth, not with an open mind but prejudiced by strong opinions/beliefs. Hence, option (b) exposes the flaw.

2. b Options (a), (c) and (d) are not in line with the metaphysical beliefs. They are being discussed by the author as ‘perhapses’ which may turn out to be true in future. But option (b), which states the belief that higher values originate on their own or from the being, is a metaphysical belief.

3. d Only option (d) cannot be inferred from the passage. All the other options are mentioned in the passage.

4. a The author points out that physics, in the 2nd half of 20th century, became so evolved that it had a world of its own and was self contained in the theories and discoveries propounded by it. This leads us to option (a). All the other options are far-fetched.

5. d The hidden dimension has remained unknown and unexplained for very long and in fact it remains a mystery till date. Option (a) is incorrect. Option (c) is exaggerated. Option (b) cannot be inferred from the passage.