CAT Explanations Week 6

CAT Explanations for Week 6.

For questions 1 and 2: Since ‘Iqbal’ has been watched only by Bimal, therefore Beckham has watched No Entry, Page 3 and Salam Namaste.

Also, ‘Iqbal’ is screened at Plaza (statement 4). Salaam Nameste is screened at Priya (statements 2 and

‘No Entry’ and ‘Page 3’ are being screened at Satyam and Chanakya (but not necessarily in this order).

1. d

2. d

For questions 3 and 4:

3. d Q and T can attend only meeting M2 together. Hence possible cases are:

Meetings Case 1 Case 2

M1 3 4

M2 5 3

M3 1 2

Number of Members

4. d The complete list of combinations possible are:

M1 M2 M3

R, X, P, W Q, V, U S, T

R, X, P, U Q, V, T S, W

R, X, U, W Q, V, S T, P

R, X, U, W Q, V, T S, P

R, X, P, U Q, V, S T, W

R, X, P Q, V, S, T, U W

R, X, W Q, V, S, T, U P


Hence R and X are definitely in meeting M1.