CAT Questions: Week 7

CAT Questions: Week 7

Updated: Oct 15, 2013, 18:40 PM IST

CAT Questions

1. Five sentences are given below. Each sentence has pair/s of words that are highlighted.

From the highlighted words select the most appropriate word(s) to form correct sentences. Then, from the options given, choose the right sequence.

This paper full of carets (A)/ carats (B) shows what a keen eye the editor has!

Mani Shankar Aiyar is a perspicacious (A) / perspicuous (B) politician.

A person diagnosed with schizophrenia may demonstrate auditory illusions (A)/delusions(B)

This is not to descry (A)/decry(B) deeper US engagement with China when dependence on Beijing
to bankroll American debt has only grown.

Richard Coeur de Lion earned the epitaph (A)/epithet(B) “Lion Heart” because of his bravery.

2. There are two blanks in the following sentence. From the pairs of words given, choose the one that
fills the blanks most appropriately. The first word in the pair should fill the first blank.

Truly, with the ________mirror of material ________ever before our gaze, we see things spiritual and
eternal ‘through a glass darkly’.

(a) tenebrous, reality (b) shattered, pompousness
(c) silent, divinity (d) fading, distraction

3. Given below are five sentences labelled A, B, C, D and E. They need to be arranged in the logical
order to form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the most appropriate

A. The word failure, it seems, is not good for building self-esteem in school children.

B. Liz Beattie, a 37-year old veteran primary-level instructor, proposed that the word failure should
be banned from classrooms and replaced with the more appealing phrase deferred success so
as not to discourage students from continuing efforts to achieve.

C. Although the motion ultimately experienced its own “deferred success,” it was not without
supporters among the 35,000-member teachers` association.

D. One Wesley Paxton, a member of the PAT Council, expressed his enthusiastic agreement,
saying: “It’s time we made the word ‘fail’ redundant and replaced it with ‘please do a bit more’.”
E. In the summer of 2005, a British school teacher proposed a rather controversial motion to her
union, the Professional Association of Teachers (PAT).


4. What is the product of all factors of the number N = 64 x 102, which are divisible by 5?

(a) 2210 × 3102 × 5140 (b) 2210 × 3140 × 5105

(b) 2140 × 3102 × 5210 (d) 2102 × 3210 × 5140

Direction for Question 5: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.


State 1985 - 1995 1996-2005

M. P 35 (1) 79 (1)

Bihar 25 (2) 39 (1)

Orissa 10 (4) 30 (2)

Punjab 5 (6) 38 (2)

Delhi 7 (5) 42 (1)

Assam 2 (11) 10 (4)

A. P 12 (3) 22 (2)
The above table gives the market share (as %age) of Colossus Ltd., over two different periods in different
states. The figures in brackets give the market position of Colossus Ltd. during the given period for the
given state. You may assume that the Company does not operate in any other state.

5. If the business done by Colossus Ltd. in Assam in the period 1985–95 was Rs. 9 crore, total market
size of Assam in the period 1985-95 was (Rs. in crores):

(a) 450 (b) 400 (c) 550 (d) 425

6. Raj Kapoor takes 80 days to travel around the globe. He circumscribes the globe by travelling
along the equator. He can carry food which would last for 60 days. He has the option of taking
helper(s) with him. A helper could accompany him either for the entire journey or just a part of the
journey. In case a helper drops out in the middle of the journey he could transfer all that he carries
to Raj Kapoor and return back to the base. If all of them reach their respective destinations safely,
what is the minimum number of people needed to help Raj Kapoor complete his voyage?

(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4