Explanations for questions published on August 27

Explanations for questions published on August 27.

1. (d) The paragraph talks about the perception of a black baby being raised by a white family. It is important to realize that for the adoptive family racism was ‘intolerable’. Option (d) hence fits the answer as it continues the same idea. All the other options bring out unrelated aspects of the situation.

2. (d) The correct usage is ‘hand in glove’ which means ‘in extremely close relationship or agreement’.

3. (b) Until now Dr Hawking had been regarded as an ally of faith. So the new revelations from him must have gone against the religious establishment otherwise that first point would not have been mentioned. The second blank clearly needs to contrast with the first because it talks about ideological opponents. ‘Jarring’ and ‘mellifluous’ are the best combination to fit in the blanks.

4. (a) Statement B is incorrect, as we need an article before ‘suite of rooms’. Statement D is incorrect as ‘showed in’ does not convey the appropriate meaning. It should have been ‘showed up’ which means ‘to appear or arrive’.

5. (b) The mandatory pair that can be seen first is (B-E). But this is present in all the options. To solve this parajumble we need to link other sentences to this pair. Statement A comes after (B-E) as it continues the idea of business continuing with neo-classical economics despite it being ‘demolished’. This leaves us with options (a) and (b). The placements of statements D and C being the only difference. (b) is the better option as statement C needs to be at the beginning. Only if it is mentioned already that neo-classical economics was disproved would the writer’s surprise, at it still being followed by business, make sense. Also D fits in much better after (B-E-A) as it expresses Joan Robinson’s disgust at neo-classical economics still being prevalent in business.

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