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Business demands and technology are playing a major role in creating unique recruitment strategies in the IT and ITES sectors, says Hema Parikh.

Business demands and technology are playing a major role in creating unique recruitment strategies in the IT and ITES sectors, says Hema Parikh.

HR trends have seen a great deal of change in terms of maturity and scope over the past few years. A segment that once used to be filled with generalists has now become a stand-alone and strategic function of an organisation. This paradigm shift has prompted renewed methods in terms of recruitment that are not just unconventional, but also play a significant role in hiring the right talent. That said, we need to acknowledge that business demands and technology are playing a major role in making recruitment strategies avant-garde and unique.

With a flat structure slowly replacing the traditional corporate structure, dynamic staffing seems to be picking up and candidates with specialised skill-sets are hired across geographies and cultural boundaries. Recruitment through social networking is at an advantage. Candidates are assessed for their organisation fitment. Innovative techniques such as role-plays, case studies and mock situations have been experimented wherein a candidate is sometimes not even aware that he is being assessed for a prospective employment. Such innovative ‘talent acquisition methodology’ in partnership with technology has brought in a different level of engagement between the recruiters and the prospective employees.

Yes, the search for the right talent for the right job is still a struggle. This leads us to the next question – what is expected of an employee in any organisation? Good domain expertise, technical expertise, willingness to learn, accountability, entrepreneurial leadership qualities, strategic communication and finally, what we call the “HI” principle. Honesty and Integrity are two key essentials which is beneficial for an individual to grow and mature with the organisation in the long run.

These attributes of an individual competing for a challenging role goes hand in hand with tools that make him grow in the organisation. Companies are going that extra mile today to equip employees with the best resources to gain and share knowledge. In many organisations, employees are trained and inducted through an organisation orientation and on-boarding programme that helps them to understand and relate to the mission and vision of the business. This is followed by a campus to corporate workshop that enables fresh graduates to be accustomed to the corporate environment.

The focus here is on building. In order to sustain well in the industry, it is mandatory that the foundation is strong. Last but not the least, right amount of confidence, hard work, up gradation and smart work pays off especially when the competition is fierce and you have to create a niche for yourself to stand tall in the industry.

-The author is the HR director, Ajuba Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

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