Inside the Flower Room

Colours, fragrances and textures – flowers have fascinated me ever since I was a child

“Colours, fragrances and textures – flowers have fascinated me ever since I was a child. I have been with The Leela Mumbai since the beginning. Then, as part of the housekeeping team, I often gravitated towards the florists’ room, on my own accord. Gradually my interest and words of appreciation from the guests catapulted me into the florists’ team.

A role that started a florist has today graduated into a floral artist. Flowers can make or break any event. A typical day for my team begins at 7 am where we first check the arrangements of all the public areas. This is followed by special arrangements for events or meetings that are being hosted with us. Now-a-days guests are a discerning set with clear and concise expectations of the arrangements they prefer at their events. As a five-star deluxe property, we are in the precarious position of treading the fine line of marrying their expectations with our standards. Meeting rooms with state-of-the-art appointments are a promise we make to our guests, and classic floral are an integral part of our commitment. Our days often extend to late hours, especially, if guests have specific requests for special occasions such as a wedding, reception, birthday, and milestone for a company.

Culturally, flowers have been a part of any event or solemn occasion. At The Leela, we incorporate floral art into every celebration. Be it festivities such as the Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas and so on. The theme is brought alive and resplendent through an interesting play of florals.

When I entered the industry, there were no professional courses. We relied heavily on training programmes conducted by visiting specialists to the city. Thankfully, on quite a few occasions, I have got to be a part of many such sessions conducted by experts from across the world. Through these sessions, I have been able to understand global trends and keep myself updated. Today, however, there are a few courses that any aspirant to this field can register themselves for. These courses equip you with the know-how and teach you tricks of the trade that are highly handy in competitive times of today.

As a floral artist, my moment of truth is to see one of my creations on ‘tripadvisor’ with a guest comment beside it.

- Anand K Patil, Flower Room Manager, The Leela Mumbai

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