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Reading Comprehension

With the right technique, reading comprehension can be a scoring area, says Abhishek Gupta.

With the right technique, reading comprehension can be a scoring area, says Abhishek Gupta.

Many students tend to fumble while attempting the Reading Comprehension (RC) questions. This can be attributed to the fact that they do not enjoy reading and the topics covered in CAT are often such that they don’t appear interesting to a large number of students.

Also, since the questions require a close reading of the passage, students fear that they are wasting too much time on the passage and end up making mistakes. However, what they don’t realize is that the answers are all in front of them; all they have to do is read and find them. With the right technique, RC can become an area to score heavily.

Some students prefer to read the passage first and then go to the questions while some tend to read the questions first and then scan the passage for answers. The latter might work with fact-based questions, but inference-based questions require an understanding of the passage over and above the specific details. Since most of the questions in CAT are inferential, ideally, one should first read the passage thoroughly in order to understand the central idea.

In case certain areas of the passage elude your understanding at first, do not worry. Read the questions and come back to the relevant portions of the passage in order to eliminate options. Look for key words in the question stem to identify the part of the passage where you are most likely to find the answer.
While there is no perfect strategy that works for all, your modus operandi should be the one that works better (and faster) for you. Have faith in yourself, load it with a lot of practice, top it off with a little smart work and you are good to go.

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