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Your resume needs to impress the hiring managers enough so you get the interview. Uday Vaidya tell you how to make it perfect and powerful.

Updated: Oct 24, 2013, 10:19 AM IST

Your resume needs to impress the hiring managers enough so you get the interview. Uday Vaidya tell you how to make it perfect and powerful.

How can my C.V. (Resume, Bio-Data) be powerful??? Whether you are a freshman or an experienced person, every job aspirant has this question in mind.

Being a HR consultant, I have seen thousands of C.V.s in past two decades and always felt that candidates do not know how to present a good, powerful C.V. This holds true even for seniors (by no. of years experience and position), irrespective of the field they are in. I can understand about fresher. They do need some guidance on how to prepare their first C.V. Ironically even experienced people need such advice.

Though there is no thumb rule solution to writing a powerful C.V., I wish to present you with a concept around which you yourself can create a strong C.V.
Whenever I conduct a session on “resume writing and interview technique” in an engineering college or management institute, I usually start my session with pointed question to the audience, “how many of you are interested in making a career in sales?” Normally very few raise their hands. This is expected because majority of fresher are not interested in selling, barring students from MBA marketing stream.

At this point I ask the next question, “Does anybody has done any selling activity till today in their life?” f\Few talk about their summer internship or some part time product selling experience and so on. You also could have experienced something like this in your life isn’t it?


• Every human being is a born sales person

• Our life is full of selling, selling and selling

• Your success in any career depends upon how best you can sell yourself.

• As you rise in the hierarchy in any organisation , you realise you’re increasingly selling yourself internally.

The selling process starts right at the outset, at the time you are looking out for your first job. Look at the ‘job selection process’ as a ‘personal selling process’. Your personal selling process to land a good job starts with your “C.V or Resume or Bio data”.

This is the document creates your first impression with the prospective employer. So it must be a powerful selling document, which should induce an employer to invite you for a personal interview.

Conventionally, a C.V. is a document with which you share your information with a prospective employer. I am of the opinion that the basic purpose of a C.V. is to make your prospective employer interested in you enough to call you for an interview. Hence share adequate information about yourself through your CV. Do it in a most appropriate manner so as to create an initial interest. A C.V. is our selling brochure. An ideal but should be brochure should present adequate information about the product, in the present case you are the product, low on the undesirable information. (To be concluded)

(The author is a Human Resource consultant and a corporate trainer.)