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“Believe in your passion and apply wisdom to your work.” Wedding photo artists Abhinav Sah and Anand Rathi share their recipe of success in a chat with Prachi Rege.

“Believe in your passion and apply wisdom to your work.” Wedding photo artists Abhinav Sah and Anand Rathi share their recipe of success in a chat with Prachi Rege.

"I had the curse of earning good grades in academics. As a result, I had to focus on higher education," quips entrepreneur Anand Rathi. His business partner Abhinav Sah, a computer science graduate, also had joined a software company by default. "In a week’s time I realised that this is not where I belong," states Sah, who worked as a VFX supervisor with a few reputed entertainment companies.
Several years later, after making the decision to follow their passion, the duo have set up a company called Knotinfocus, a candid wedding photography company. They are now in the business of capturing the precious moments of a couple`s special day which also includes the pre-wedding ceremonies like mehendi, sangeet, cocktail party etc..

Living in parallel worlds and unknown to each other, the duo nurtured a similar passion- photography! One fine day however, by a stroke of luck, they bumped into each other when Sah shot Rathi’s wedding and discovered that they shared a passion for photography.

After finishing his engineering from IIIT- Hyderabad, Rathi had turned down a job offer from Cisco Systems and joined his father`s foreign exchange trading business. "The infamous economic meltdown of 2008 however affected our business. So I decided to study further and got through for an MBA at the Simon School of Business, New York," informs Rathi. It was during his stint at New York that Rathi discovered his love for photography. "By the end of the fall semester, I had bought myself a DSLR camera and was clicking the picturesque surroundings and also couples on campus,"says Rathi, who later setup Photosutra, his own photography company.
Sah started out with clicking moments on television commercials and film sets during his visits as a VFX supervisor. "This helped me to understand the art better. My work was appreciated and friends wanted me to click their wedding pcitures," he says. Soon he quit his job to follow his passion and set up a company called Photokhichega with his wife.

In May last, the duo merged their respective companies and formed a new entity called Knotinfocus. "Our venture is an amalmagation of creative thoughts," states Rathi. Their first client was a couple getting married in Thailand. The partners say in unison, "Gaining the trust of our client is a crucial aspect of our business."

Social networking is an important key to successfully portray their work and connect with a vast community of clients waiting for someone to capture their wedding aesthetically and candidly.
Since there is no barrier to entry in any creative field and anybody with a camera can become a photographer, how will the duo manage the unorganised competition? "Time is a filter in any creative field. The right artists will always shine," clarifies Rathi.
Sah advises aspirants to not get stuck in a rat race and follow their heart just like he did. "I did not quit my job because I wasn`t good at it but moved on to do something that I liked doing," he mentions. Sharing a deeper perspective, Rathi says that one must distinguish between knowledge and wisdom—the former is to know that you are in a good college, whereas the latter is using this to your advantage. According to him, in our country importance is given to becoming an engineer, rather than focusing on the business of engineering. "Having knowledge of the food sector will not necessarily make you a good restauteur," he signs off.