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Inspiration, great ideas and a little spark opens doors to new opportunities. Patricia Mascarehnas explores the importance of creativity.

“Nobel Laureates are not called Nobel winners as it is automatically assumed that the rest of us are losers, which is an illusion because to be successful, you have to fail,” emphasised Tobias Degsell, renowned curator from the Nobel Museum of Sweden. On his first visit to the city, Degsell psyched students at his workshop titled `Spark of creativity `held at St Xavier`s College, Mumbai last week.

Hosted by the Consulate General of Sweden, the workshop’s main objective was to encourage students to think differently and more importantly, implement the same. What is creativity? Degsell asked his captive audience. “People always assume that being creative is associated with being unique or coming up with new ideas,” he pointed out. Creativity could be learned, developed and practised, he said. “It is possible to spark people`s creativity”, he quipped, adding that it was a two sided coin, “on one side we have unique ideas and on the other we need to execute them.”

Degsell`s workshop was divided into three parts: Individual, group collaboration and importance of creativity. In the first part, he conducted an exercise called the ‘Nine dot test’, where in nine dots were arranged in a square matrix. The goal of the test was to connect the dots without lifting the pencil from the paper. In the second part, he divided the students into groups to work on the T puzzle. Each group was given four polygonal shapes and the objective was to put them together in such a manner that it formed a capital T.

In the last part, Degsell let the students explore their creative side with a Lego exercise, in which the goal was to form a duck using six pieces of Lego in just two minutes. At the end of the task each student had a different version of a duck. Pointing out to this difference he explained that everyone was creative. While the first two parts were logical exercises which had only one right answer, the third allowed students to spark their creativity.

Finally, as a takeaway on creativity Degsell said, “There are no winners or losers. Everyone can be creative. It`s not just a matter of doing something, but of finding something you love or enjoy, and eliminating the hurdles in your way without giving up.”


Creative abilities of Nobel Laureates

1. Vision
2. Work
3. Competence
4. Network
5. Combine
6. Disrespect
7. Persistence
8. Courage
9. Playfulness
10. Diversity
11. Questions
12. Collaboration

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