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How smartly, innovatively and simply can you communicate? With each day springing new opportunities, communication is evolving as preferred career choice. Gauri Rane finds out more.

How smartly, innovatively and simply can you communicate? With each day springing new opportunities, communication is evolving as preferred career choice. Gauri Rane finds out more.
Communication, in simple words means, to send and/or receive information through writing, speaking or any other mediums. Today as citizens of the global village, the art of communication has become a requisite for all. Just like economists, legal experts, social thinkers, management gurus, communication experts too have become an integral ingredient of our society. So what exactly does career in communications mean? “Communication is the ability to convey your idea or view to the opposite party through visuals, writing or simply through oral communication,” says Joyanto Mukherjee, director, Harkisan Mehta Foundation Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication. He adds that contrary to popular belief, PR or public relations is not the only form of communication. “There is advertising, journalistic write-ups and for that matter even films that form a mode of communication,” he says.

There is a wide spectrum of job choices available for an individual with a communications degree. Right from being a public information officer (PIO) or a press relations officer (PRO) with a corporate to being a copy writer or media planner at an ad-agency, the communication sector can offer jobs in varied sectors like business, advertising, journalism, public relations, government agencies, international relations and more. The role of the communications expert changes with every stream. Dheera Majumdar marketing co-ordinator at Mileage Communications explains, “My primary role as a destination communications manager is to share information about the destination with the mass market. The purpose is to make travellers aware of its varied offerings and how it can fulfill their travel motivations.” For Farrah Fernandes, who manages communications and PR for Hyatt Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi it is about promoting the property and the experience it offers.

A communications professional is the voice of an agency. He/she is responsible for sharing information about the company they work for and also, appraise them about response their activities are generating in the society. One does not need a highly specialised skill sets for this career. “What one really needs is a good command over language, the ability to speak and put forward their views clearly through writing or conversation," informs Mukherjee. Fernandez explains that formal training is always encouraged. “Organisations do accept freshers but they also prefer those having formal training to get cracking quickly.” Majumdar says it is of utmost importance that you understand the brand values and the image you want to project of your client, then syncronise it with your target segment, so that the right message is shared with the right person.

Experts agree there is definitely a growing demand for communications executives who would help add value to your product/ client. “There has been a rise in the demand for quality communicators,” says Mukherjee, who has been training students in communication for the last four years.  Fernandez advises that young aspirants must keep in mind that this field is full of hard work and also appreciation. “You are after all responsible entirely of how the brand is perceived in the global market,” she says.

For someone who wants to pursue a career in communications it is important to understand the responsibilities that come with the job. “It`s tremendous. Gradually you become the voice of the company. The firm will look at you whenever it needs to talk to external partners and also develop strategies for new launches in the market but via PR,” explains Majumdar.

Rewards come to those who are innovative and smart, say experts. “So be ready to innovate when you enter this field,” says Mukherjee. He advises students not to bring the SMS/whatsapp language into this profession. “This will raise doubts about your command over language and erode your credibility.”

It is a steady career path if one diligently aspires to continue in this field. Those in the field swear by the fact that each day is a new challenge. “There is never a dull moment, it keeps you ticking as trends keep changing so you have to be the know it all,” concludes Majumdar..

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