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Just- in- time hiring, social media sourcing and competency mapping are the top trends influencing recruitment practices in India, says Aditya Narayan Mishra.

Just- in- time hiring, social media sourcing and competency mapping are the top trends influencing recruitment practices in India, says Aditya Narayan Mishra.

The hiring scenario in India is constantly evolving. Today, as firms are sailing through the “highs and lows” of business cycles and embracing new technologies to jump the curve, hiring practices have been tweaked to meet the demands of the new age. Since these trends shape our world of work, understanding and keeping track of the current recruitment trends is important for organizations, employees and potential candidates alike. Here are some major trends that are currently redefining the way businesses are recruiting candidates in India.

Just in Time Hiring:

Just – in – time (JIT) hiring, a popular practice with the IT and BPO companies, is today a strategy adopted across all organizations to introduce greater flexibility in their operations. Industries within the retail, hospitality, telecommunication, banking, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors are currently adopting this model, in addition to the traditional model of hiring. Through JIT hiring, companies recruit candidates that meet their exact requirements when they need them. Candidates are hired only when dynamic manpower needs have to be met. This way, organizations are able to manage costs and avoid downsizing due to economic downturns. Companies are switching to this model to adjust their labour to demand conditions and production requirements. Since JIT hiring can be applied to both temporary and permanent workforce, this model of hiring will surely be the way forward in the years to come.

Social Media Sourcing:

Social media is not just a tool for networking anymore; today it has become a “job searching medium”. There is an uptrend in companies embracing this technology to attract top talent. Popular networking sites like Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn have changed the face of recruitment in India. Candidates and potential job seekers are increasingly leveraging social platforms to find gainful employment. In fact, statistics reveal that one out of every five candidates has been placed only through their social media connections. The benefits of this mode of recruitment are endless. Firms have the luxury of searching candidates across borders with greater accuracy and effectiveness. By utilizing these platforms, firms have been able to enhance job visibility and improve the quality of their hire through wider reach and higher quality referrals.

Social media sites are also a great way of bringing inclusiveness and building employee cohesiveness in the organization. It creates a world that is always on. This builds absolute transparency in the organization, leading to a relationship of confidence & trust between employer and employees. With its rising popularity, the trend of social media hiring is here to stay.

Competency based hiring:

Screening and selection processes in organizations have undergone a sea – change as companies are increasingly relying on psychometric and competency based assessment tests. Companies’ pre – screen job applicants and assess their core skills and potential which include mental ability, problem solving skills, logical and reasoning ability, analytical skills and aptitude. Through these tests, firms can hire those candidates whose experience, qualification and competencies are a right match to the job profile, thus ensuring the right “job – candidate fit”.

Candidates who demonstrate greater competencies at work have a better chance of being employed since firms see capabilities at par with qualifications as important pre-requisites to job performance. Since competency based hiring is becoming a norm across firms, candidates should focus on up-skilling and re-skilling endeavours to increase the chances of getting a job.

At present, these are the top trends that are influencing recruitment practices in India. However, do keep in mind that these trends evolve with time. Over time, some trends may become obsolete while others will continue to dominate the business sphere. Therefore, one must always watch out for new patterns of recruitment and leverage them to the fullest to stay ahead of competition.

–The author is president, staffing and director, marketing, Randstad India

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