The Language connoisseur

Prasanna Ratanjankar, a media professional, learnt four foreign languages.

Prasanna Ratanjankar, a media professional, learnt four foreign languages.

My passion for learning foreign languages started post class XII. I started with French because I wanted to explore the French culture through the language. I believe that knowing a language is the best way to understand people and their culture.

Next, I studied Spanish because I wanted to read the original works of the legendary author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Thanks to the similarity between Spanish and Italian, I emerged a hero while working at the Lakme India Fashion week two years ago.

My colleagues couldn`t make any sense of the mails coming in from Italy and hence I was given the task of answering them.

Mandarin was my next choice. It helped me a lot in handling my Hong Kong-based client who preferred to speak in his own tongue. Today, I share a more meaningful relationship with this client.

I am a language trainer too and am training a colleague who is heading to China for a workshop.

I am social media savvy as well as it is very exciting to read what people from other countries are talking on the networking sites. It helps me in building my media strategy. My love for the Japanese pop culture—Manga has led me to sign up to learn Japanese.

Language is a powerful tool and must be respected. I advise students to make a long term commitment when signing up for a foreign language course.

Fleeing from it within two months of training is not the right way to earn the skill. Besides opening up career avenues or diversifying your role, learning a language makes you a world citizen in a true sense.