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Last Updated: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 16:38

Graphology has the potential of being an effective managerial tool to manage team work and recognise skills. Prachi Rege speaks to experts who apply this science while hiring prospective employees

Ever thought that one of the many reasons behind your procrastination could be the strokes and slants in your handwriting? Did you know that the way you write the word [‘The’] can determine your personality? The letter ‘T’ helps in understanding 75 per cent of your traits, ‘h’ can tell 25 per cent and ‘e’ focuses on the remaining 5 per cent. All of this is a part of the science popularly known as Graphology - which according to experts has been around for a 1,000 years, but has gaine popularity only recently. “People mistake it for an occult science like numerology or tarot reading. But in fact it is a holistic science that can help a person develop his personality and life,” explains Anal Pandit, Graphologist and Handwriting analyst. He explains the study of analysing a person’s handwriting through the science of Graphology is called Graphotherapy. Pandit gained interest in the field over three decades ago. However, due to lack of awareness or any kind of formal training, he self trained through research books and papers on the subject by European graphologists.

Nine years ago he went on to setup - Institute for Graphological research, in order to train Graphology
enthusiasts who where in search of understanding the science. Aishwarya Gupta, a pharma professional happens to be one such enthusiast who was in search of a teacher. “For 10 years I kept reading books on the subject but I didn’t find anyone who could teach the nuances until I came across the institute,” says Gupta. According to her, this science can be used as an effective managerial tool. “I handle a team of 21 people who come from a varied background and have different temperament. Sometimes dealing with them is quite a task,” she explains, emphasising that thanks to her training as a graphologist she is able to handle and understand her team better. If she spots a problem with a particular executive she immediately looks into his/her handwriting and tries to identify the problem through Graphotherapy. “It might not be necessary that you would find a problem there, but it is an area worth looking for in case your team member has issues at work,” she points out. By rectifying her own Es and Ts, Gupta got over her personal habit of underestimating her true potential at work.

Sameer Joshi an HR professional with a leading insurance company is also a trained graphologist. Joshi hopes to use his knowledge while dealing with employees. “I didn’t know there was so much in a person’s handwriting- something that we take for granted, but holds a lot of secrets,” says a bewildered Joshi. Though he believes that Graphology can be a potential managerial tool in dealing with people at a workplace, he wants to be discreet while using the same. “Since it is not popular it wouldn’t be wise to use it randomly. But it certainly has the capacity to prudently deal with an erratic or problematic employee,” he suggests.

Kajol Bangera, a graduate in psychology wants to make a career in HR has got herself trained in Graphology. “Initially I was sceptical since I thought it was some kind of astrological science,” she reminisces. However, after sitting through a few sessions and applying graphotherapy to her own handwriting, Bangera was convinced about its power to change one’s personality. “While psychology understands human traits through interviews, graphology determines them through a person’s text,” she explains. Bangera also feels that the subject is misconstrued and needs to be more organised to be able to gain respect as a managerial tool in corporates. She wants to combine the two sciences and use them in dealing with people or situations at work. “Both sciences need to be practiced with patience. Effect of psychological therapy and graphotherapy take time to yield favourable results,” she warns.

Graphology can also be practised as a part-time career. “If one is hired by a company as a consultant, graphologists can charge Rs 5,000 per session. An independent consulting firm, can get you anywhere between Rs 1,000 to 2,500 per individual analysis,” explains Pandit. He adds that sucess in this field can’t be won through marketing but only when your Graphotherapy has made a difference to problems faced by your clients.

Take lessons at
1 Institute Of Graphology and Personal Success, Pune -
2Institute for Graphological research, Mumbai –
3 International Graphological Research Centre (IGRC), Bangalore -


Handwriting analysis is a cost-effective way of obtaining that information about a prospective employee which is not disclosed on the application form or during an interview. Used alongside other selection procedures, it can help:

  • You select the right person for the job regardless age, sex or race prejudice
  • In not wasting valuable time organising tests and processing results
  • In quickly obtaining information about the candidates` strengths and potential
  • In making your aware of characteristics such as procrastination and indecisiveness
  • Check the candidates` attitude to authority and other factors that affect relationships and harmony in the workplace.
  • Will increase efficiency and reduce staff turnover by placing people where one can develop personal skills and achieve job satisfaction.


  • First Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 16:30

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