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Has job pressure destroyed your work-life balance? For all this and much more tune in to Geetanjali Pandit, on

Has job pressure destroyed your work-life balance? For all this and much more tune in to Geetanjali Pandit, on

Q. What should one keep in mind while preparing for campus placements? I am a student of electrical engineering presently into my fourth semester?

Raghav Mitra, Delhi

I am sure that you are looking forward to the completion of your electrical engineering degree. The wide world out there is waiting for you and that can be both a matter of anticipation and of great stress.

The best way to prepare for the campus placement is to begin right at the start of your course. If you have been diligent in your engineering studies these past four years then you will be well served at the time of campus. You must be thorough with your basics and fundamentals. You would have done internships for your industrial training during these four years.

Be ready to talk about all your curriculum projects during your internship. It is a good idea to revise systematically. If even some of your target companies have been coming to your campus previously, then network with your seniors who were selected on campus. They will have useful tips for you.

Be sincere, confident and given the overall economic situation, don’t try to pitch for extremely high compensation. You must try and evaluate the companies from their Pre Placement Talks, if any and learn more about them via the net, your seniors and by reading up.

Being well prepared with all this will surely aid you in getting a sound placement. All the best and keep us posted….

Q. I have been working for the last six years as a writer in a media company with a pay package of RS four lakh per annum. Why is it so difficult to negotiate a higher pay package?

Sheetal Malhotra, Pune

Hi there. Hmmm….. It appears you are in a difficult situation where you are.

It is not clear from your mail whether you have been with the same organisation these six years or you have had an opportunity with a couple of employers.

Pay and compensation are functions of a few factors. These include the market for a particular skill set, an industry or organisation’s ability to pay and lastly, even more significantly, an individual’s performance.

If you are writing scripts (say for soaps) then a number of factors will determine your salary. Which production or media house are your writing for? How well are those soaps doing and how are your scripts perceived for their quality.

Are your scripts amongst the top rated?? You have grounds for have a frank discussion about your plight with your seniors. Has your performance been evaluated systematically, at least, once a year? Have you done well in the appraisals?? If yes, your discussion points will gain in strength and appeal.

If you are otherwise happy with your employer, base yourself on a non-threatening, non-ultimatum conversation, a dialogue on your concerns and needs with the right people - your supervisor, HR or even the owner. Negotiate for a higher compensation based on your track record. It usually works out.

Ultimatums don’t work out and leave no room with the company or the individual. So do discuss but don’t threaten to quit if this or that is not done. Once someone in your system is aware of your performance and your issue, then (even if not right away) some of this will be addressed.

-The counsellor is a senior human resources leader and is presently the chief people’s officer at Zee Media Corporation.

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