British prime ministers since World War II

Theresa May is Britain`s 14th prime minister since World War II

British prime ministers since World War II

London: Conservative leader Theresa May, who took office on Wednesday, is Britain`s 14th prime minister since World War II.

She is 13th to serve and the third to be born during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been on the throne since 1952.

She is also the second female prime minister ever, after Margaret Thatcher.

Here is a list of British premiers since 1945 five from the Labour Party and nine from the Conservatives.
1945-1951: Clement Atlee (Labour)

1951-1955: Winston Churchill (Conservative)

1955-1957: Anthony Eden (Conservative)

1957-1963: Harold Macmillan (Conservative)

1963-1964: Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative)

1964-1970: Harold Wilson (Labour)

1970-1974: Edward Heath (Conservative)

1974-1976: Harold Wilson (Labour)

1976-1979: James Callaghan (Labour)

1979-1990: Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)

1990-1997: John Major (Conservative)

1997-2007: Tony Blair (Labour)

2007-2010: Gordon Brown (Labour)

2010-2016: David Cameron (Conservative)

2016- : Theresa May (Conservative)

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