Primitive rock shelters
Last Updated: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 09:24
Indore: Researchers claim to have discovered signs of existence of primitive men in the Narmada Valley by tracing their natural rock shelters and large number of weapons and tools made by them in the western part of Madhya Pradesh.

"The shelter and tools discovered dated back to Paleolithic (stone) age," the researchers led by Mangal Panchayatan Council's head Vishal Verma said.

The group found 15 natural rock shelters and three caves of where these men used to live in Dhar district. Besides, they also found sites where over one lakh tools and weapons of that age were scattered.

"It appeared that the signs are about 30,000 to one lakh year old and majority of them narrates the tale of human culture dating back to Paleolithic Age," Verma said.

"After a close study of these findings, it appeared that these primitive persons used to live near rivers and chose natural rock shelters on low mountains," Verma said.

The researchers have found existence of primitive men's shelters around river Narmada, Maan, Karam, Ghatwal, Chidi and Mandavdi rivers.


First Published: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 09:24

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