BJP to emerge single largest party, NDA ahead of UPA: Exit polls

The world`s largest democracy has voted to elect a new government at the Centre and now all eyes are on the exit polls to see whether India is poised for a regime change on May 16.

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  • Overall, as per Times Now/ORG survey, NDA to get 249 seats, UPA to 148 and others 146.
  • And as per the News 24-Chanakya survey, BJP will get 291 seats, NDA – 340, Congress -57, UPA – 70 and Others – 133.
  • ABP/AC Nielson survey gives 24 seats to BJP in Gujarat and Congress 2 seats.
  • Meanwhile, in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee`s TMC is set to win 24 seats, Left 12, Congress 5 and BJP 1: ABP/AC Nielson
  • As far as vote percentage is concerned, BJP polled 30%, Congress 21% and others polled 49%, as per India TV/C voter.
  • According to India Today/CICERO survey, NDA will get 261-283 seats, UPA will get 110-120 seats and others will get 150-162 seats.
  • In Karnataka, BJP to bag 18 seats, Congress 9, JD(S) 1 and others 0: Times Now-ORG survey.
  • On the other hand, as per CNN-IBN/CSDS survey, in Telangana TRS will win 10 seats, Congress 04 seats and BJP to win 03 seats.
  • Again according to Times Now-ORG survey, in Telangana, BJP-TDP to get 2 seats, Congress 3 to 5, TRS 8-10 seats and Left 2 seats.
  • In Seemandhra, BJP-TDP combine to get 15-20 seats and YSRCP to get 5-8 seats, as per Times Now survey.
  • In Bihar BJP and allies to get 28 seats, Congress and allies to get 10 seats and JD(U) to get 2 seats, as per IndiaTV-C voter survey. Bihar has 40 Lok Sabha seats.
  • India TV-C voter gives NDA 289 seats and Congress 101 seats overall. AAP will get 5 and others will get 148 seats.
  • NDA to get 272 to 283 seats, UPA to get 110 to 120 seats all over the country: Aaj Tak
  • As per Aaj Tak survey, BJP to get six seats in Delhi. Times Now is giving 6 seats to BJP in Delhi, 1 to Congress and 0 to AAP. Delhi has 7 Parliamentary seats.
  • BJP to get 46 seats in Uttar Pradesh, Congress 08, Samajwadi Party 12 and BSP 13 seats as per ABP News/AC Nielson survey. As per Times Now/ORG, in UP BJP+ will win 52 seats, Congress+ - 10, BSP – 6 and SP – 12. UP sends 80 seats to Parliament.
  • The Congress today said that it will not participate in debates on TV channels exit polls. Party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad said that in keeping with their tradition, they won`t participate in exit polls. He also said that the last time, exit polls had given the Congress 68 seats less than what they had actually got.
  • In 2009 Lok Sabha polls, Congress-led UPA had got 262 seats, whereas BJP-led NDA bagged 159 seats. LK Advani was BJP`s PM candidate. He lost to Manmohan Singh who took oath as PM second time in a row.
  • An exit poll is taken right after the voters have exited the polling booth. It is different from an opinion poll. In an opinion poll the voter is asked as to whom he plans to vote for.
  • In an exit poll, the voter is asked as to who they voted for. The exit polls gives an early indication of what the voting pattern has been.

    The world`s largest democracy has voted to elect a new government at the Centre and now all eyes are on the exit polls to see whether India is poised for a regime change on May 16.

    The last and eighth phase of polling took place on Monday in which voting for 41 seats took place. The whole elections were spread over 35 days.
    Counting of votes in all the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies will be taken up on May 16. An average of 66 percent voters exercised their franchise in the last eight phases, as per estimates.

    Overall, 9,667 candidates fought for the Lok Sabha seats in a poll that showed a high voter turnout among the 814 million electorate, the world`s biggest.

    The 2014 General Elections will be remembered as India`s most bitterly fought. For the BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, the stakes are high. The BJP is hoping to come back to power after a decade banking on the huge anti-incumbency that the Congress is facing.

    Most opinion polls put the BJP far ahead of the Congress and others although there is some lingering doubt if the BJP and its allies will bag the magic number of 272 to cross the half-way mark in the Lok Sabha.

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