LS polls resulted in profound change in country: Mehbooba Mufti

Opposition PDP today said the Lok Sabha polls have resulted in a profound change in the political scenario of the country which has been reflected in Jammu and Kashmir as well.

Srinagar: Opposition PDP today said the Lok Sabha polls have resulted in a profound change in the political scenario of the country which has been reflected in Jammu and Kashmir as well.

"The Lok Sabha polls this time have resulted in a profound change in the political landscape of the country. People have participated in this election in unprecedented number to write a new script in country`s electoral history," PDP president Mehbooba Mufti told reporters here after her party`s win on all the three seats in the Valley.

Mehbooba said the Peoples Democratic Party has established itself as a better alternative in mainstream politics in the state.

"In Jammu and Kashmir, we too witnessed a change that is unprecedented in its nature and dimensions. Democratic competition has achieved a new cutting edge in the State and people have participated in the process not only in respectable numbers but in case of Kashmir valley they have had to brave heavy odds," she said.

The PDP president said the party stands by its commitment of debating the Kashmir issue both within the Parliament and outside of it.

"I feel today that PDP is the only regional party in Jammu and Kashmir which released a manifesto saying that, if elected, we would like to debate the issue and issues of Kashmir both within the Parliament and outside. We will change the mindset and we stand by our commitment," she said.

She said the elected members of her party would not seek any alliance or any ministerial berth in Delhi, but will seek to change the mindset of the parties towards the people of Kashmir and Pakistan.

"We are not going to Delhi for any ministerial berth or an alliance but to address and diffuse the situation prevailing in the state. Unfortunately the process of reconciliation started by (then) Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and taken forward to some extent by UPA has come to a standstill.

"Our agenda would remain to build a consensus among the parties in Delhi viz-a-viz Kashmir and to change their mindset to adopt a policy of reconciliation not only with the people of Jammu and Kashmir viz-a-viz rest of the country but also policy of reconciliation with Pakistan," she said.

"We feel that along with winning the hearts of the people of the state, we have to have good relations with our neighbor Pakistan and to take forward the process of peace, reconciliation and friendship started by Vajpayee," she said.

The PDP president thanked the people of the state in general and the people of the Valley in particular for once again having reposed their trust in democratic process and constitutional methods of finding a resolution to the Kashmir issue and the issues of Jammu and Kashmir.

"The overwhelming mandate that we have received is a matter of great satisfaction for me as the president and the entire leadership of the party and a humbling experience for us. We treat this as an opportunity to serve the state to the best of our ability and also recognise it as a challenge in view of the huge problems that the state faces and we have setout to address," she said.
"I also thank Kashmiri pandits for voting for us and we have succeeded in getting a good number of votes in Jammu as well," she said.

Mehbooba also appreciated the state administration and the Election Commission for a free and fair election.

"They have succeeded in providing a free and fair election. I think after 2002 (elections) a good custom has been created here and credibility has been lent once again to the Indian democratic process," Mehbooba said.
"Many people here have had mis-conceptions and perception unfortunately that the stalwarts of the ruling party here cannot lose. But we had a good experience in that and we compliment not only the state administration but also the ECI," she said.

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