Narendra Modi asks EC to take action against Sonia Gandhi for meeting Shahi Imam

Narendra Modi lashed out at Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday for trying to `communalise` the elections by meeting Jama Masjid`s Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari.

Zee Media Bureau/Manisha Singh

Ghaziabad: BJP`s PM candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha polls Narendra Modi lashed out at Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday for trying to `communalise` the elections by meeting Jama Masjid`s Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari in order to seek Muslims votes for the party.

Addressing a rally here, the Gujarat Chief Minister said, “The Congress is making every effort to communalism the polls. It is worried about giving answers and that is why they are saying only one thing - secularism, secularism, secularism.”

Further tearing into the grand old party Modi said, “Their games of secularism is now over. People have understood them. The Congress is defeated. So now from secularism they have moved to open communalism.”

At the same time he urged the Election Commission to take sou motto action against Sonia for appealing for votes on religious lines and trying to polarise the elections.
“Seeking votes on basis of religion is against the laws of this nation. I urge the EC to take sou motto action against the Congress president.”

He asked the crowd, “You tell me is it proper to appeal like this on religious grounds?” and added, “I demand an answer on price rise but the Congress asks, what about secularism. When I ask on jobs, they give the same answer. I say give water to farmers but they say first talk secularism. I want to ask you, aren`t the issues I raise important.”

Modi told the Congress party, “Don`t give empty slogans and then divide brothers. Sadly this has been the Congress` tradition.” Mincing no words he said that Sonia Gandhi had made the mistake of trying to mislead and divide the nation and people would never forgive this kind of politics.

Invoking his tea seller background Modi said, “Congress never thought that a son of a poor man will ask them on how they fooled the nation.”

He also said that the BJP was not desperate for power. “We are driven by patriotic virtues. For the Congress secularism is an election slogan. For us it is - every one is ours,” he said. Reiterating his `India First` stand Modi told the people, “For Congress secularism is vote bank politics. For Congress secularism is religion first but for us it is India First. It is an article of faith for us.”
He went on, “Congress secularism is divide and rule. BJP says - unite, integrate and work for the nation,” adding, “Change is needed in the nation. We have to create a better India for our future generations.”

Sonia Gandhi had met the Shahi Imam at her 10 Janpath residence yesterday. The meeting had lasted around 45 minutes. As per reports, a decision to support the Congress has been finalised by Bukhari and an official announcement may happen tomorrow.

When asked by reporters whether the Congress party was trying to polarise the polls, Sonia had categorically rejected the premise saying that they were not in the game or business of polarisation (of votes). She also defended meeting clerics saying that it had been a tradition which was followed by Feroze Gandhi and Indira Gandhi.

Meanwhile, the BJP has approached the Election Commission to take cognisance of Sonia`s reported appeal to Muslims.