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Narendra Modi`s rallies in Karnataka: As it happened

I am going to meet Rajnikanth today, will wish him the Tamil New Year, says Modi.

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha

03: 54 pm: Deve Gouda ji is like my father. He claimed that he will leave Karnataka, if I win. I welcome him to Gujarat where I will serve him better than his own sons. - Modi.

03: 53 pm: If Karnataka wants, it can save the entire nation. This time, Karnataka should not let the Congress party open its account - Modi.

03: 50 pm: Modi says that just to buy time till her son Rahul gets ready for the PM chair, Sonia entitled someone like Manmohan Singh with the Prime Minister`s responsibility at the cost of country`s future

03: 45 pm: "Recently, a book released by PM Manmohan Singh`s aide (Sanjaya Baru) says that he has been an accidental PM and that the government was being run by Soniaji. If two scooters collide, just a couple of people will die. If two trains collide, some three hundred people will die, but if the country`s PM is accidental, then the nation`s 1.25 bilion people will suffer damages - Modi.

03: 40 pm: If you want the country`s welfare, if you want the farmer`s welfare, vote for the BJP, says Modi.

03: 35 pm: Our Manifesto has dwelled extensively on justice to farmers including processes for Minimum selling Price (MSP), says Modi.

03: 30 pm: The Congress is sometimes building its A team, sometimes a B team. It has happened for the first time that alliances are being made not to defeat the ruling party but to stop Modi, says Gujarat CM.

03: 20 pm: Modi addressing another rally in Karnataka`s Haveri.

02: 10 pm: Modi concludes his speech.

02: 05 pm: What kind of government do you want, Modi asks the jubilant crowd of Chikmagalur. The crowd erupts unanimously in a chant of "Modi sarkar". To which Modi says, "I didn`t ask, whose government, I asked what kind of government".

02: 03 pm: If you want to stay in an Old Age home or a farm or in a house, I will make all the arrangements, adds Narendra Modi further taking a dig on Deve Gowda.

02: 00 pm: Modi mocks Deve Gowda`s claim that said he will leave Karnataka in case Gujarat CM became PM. Modi said Deve Gowda was welcome in Gujarat.

"Deve Gowda ji says if Modi becomes PM I will leave Karnataka. He is like a father- if you have to leave Karnataka come to Gujarat," said Modi.
01: 50 pm: I am going to meet Rajnikanth today, will wish him the Tamil New Year, says Modi.

01: 48 pm: Modi asks the people of Chikmagalur that did any thing good happen to them during ten years of Sonia Gandhi`s governance.

"Ten years is a very long time but Madam (Sonia) and Shahzada (Rahul) are concernede just about the chair and nothing else," says Modi.

01: 45 pm: Good Governance and development are my two main mottos, says Modi.

01: 42 pm: We have a special connection. I am a tea seller and have come to you coffee walas - says Narendra Modi.

01: 40 pm: Modi says Chikmagalur`s people supported Indira Gandhi during her worst times. Modi promises that he will deliver 10 times more than what Indira Gandhi did.

01: 38 pm: Mocking Indira Gandhi`s slogan - "Ek sherni, sau langur (one lioness, hundred apes) Chikmagalur, Chikmagalur,”, Modi said that the lioness Indira had departed leaving only apes in the Congress party.

01: 30 pm: Modi starts addressing a rally in Karnataka`s Chikmagalur

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